Summer Storms: A Reading List

Aug 16 2019
Late summer means thunderstorms and, sometimes, hurricanes, too. Our collection of storm-themed books can be used to learn courage in the face of bad weather and to find resilience in times of change that we cannot control. [continue reading]

Literature in Context: A Literary Guide for Maple Syrup Season

Mar 19 2019
In late winter when the days are warm but the nights are still cold, the sap starts to run in sugar maples. Throughout New England, buckets and tubing begin to adorn trees, and the steady plinking of sap dripping into buckets can be heard throughout the sugarbush. This month’s literature guide spotlights titles that can [continue reading]

Journal-Making: Creative Outlet for Bringing Family Together

Aug 11 2014
Journaling is back in fashion! Encouraging your children to absorb the world and then springing their ideas onto the page is the gold standard in creative and personal development. Read on how to see how to set up this creative outlet and how to make it a family involved project. [continue reading]

Journal-Making: Inspiration for Writing & Drawing

Jul 17 2013
Making Journals with Kids Can Encourage & Support Language & Visual Art Skills It’s no secret of parenting that kids have a lot to say. Just as our own adult brains are constantly stirring through ideas, memories, and observations, children’s brains are working just as hard. They make note of interesting things that they see [continue reading]

One Clover & A Bee: A Writing Challenge for Families

May 22 2013
Big Ideas (in the Ordinary) I’ve noticed that often when we try to write, we get stuck because we think we need to write about “big” subjects. So we sit and chew on our pencil and stare into space and decide our lives just aren’t exciting enough for Art with a capital A. It’s really [continue reading]

Edible Books Encourage Creative Free Play in the Kitchen

Apr 11 2012
The Edible Book: A Benefit for the Friends of the Forbes & Lilly Libraries The Forbes and Lilly Libraries are holding their Edible Book event on Sunday, April 22nd this year, an annual event that crosses culinary arts and language arts with creative free play! And April vacation week is the perfect time to start [continue reading]



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