25 Children’s Books For Back-to-School

Sep 2 2019
“Back to school!” These words can evoke a variety of emotions in the hearts of children everywhere. For some, this time can be full of anxiety and concerns over making friends, fitting in, and finding their way around a new school or classroom. Even self-directed learners and homeschool families can feel the jitters associated with [continue reading]

Summer Storms: A Reading List

Aug 16 2019
Late summer means thunderstorms and, sometimes, hurricanes, too. Our collection of storm-themed books can be used to learn courage in the face of bad weather and to find resilience in times of change that we cannot control. [continue reading]

16 Books for Summer Reading

Jul 16 2019
Summer is here, and kids are looking forward to playing outside and enjoying the warm weather while swimming, riding their bikes and exploring. It’s also an excellent time for reading. Even though school is out, kids can still keep learning by reading over the summer. Public libraries make that more fun with their summer reading [continue reading]

Bedside Reading: A Collection of Five

Aug 27 2013
Cheli shares five books she currently has at her bedside – a wild assortment of fiction and nonfiction, with a handful of kids’ books thrown in the mix! All have captured her attention and praise, and this month she shares them with you… [continue reading]

7 Children’s Books that Embody Peace

Apr 23 2013
Blessed are the Peacemakers Now more than ever it seems imperative that we engage and embody and choose peace. From events that hit close to home like the Newtown tragedy and the Boston Marathon bombings, to our sisters and brothers all over the world who undergo daily violence, to the violent destruction of our very [continue reading]

Recommended Fiction Titles with Autistic Characters

Apr 7 2013
QUESTION AND ANSWERS One of our readers is looking for a book recommendation written from the perspective of a child with Asperger’s syndrome or autism for their preteen reader. Any suggestions? Amy Meltzer recommends: Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko, and Rules by Cynthia Lord. Kate Holdsworth Hammond recommends: The London Eye Mystery [continue reading]

4 Books that Explore the History of Thanksgiving

Nov 13 2012
Thanksgiving is a national holiday that ties us back nearly 400 years to a time when the Wampanoag Indians were vital in helping the Pilgrims survive their new world. This year along with your harvest feast, go ahead and have a slice of history too! Here are four non-fiction books that give interesting perspectives about [continue reading]

10 New Picture Books for Halloween

Oct 23 2012
10 New Picture Books for Halloween Halloween is just days away. In our home there is a flurry of costume making and pumpkin carving and spider webbing as we countdown to the spookiest day of the year. And each evening, as the jack-o-lanterns glow in the dark, we take out the Halloween stories. This year, [continue reading]

Charlotte’s Web: A Hymn to Life for 60 Years!

Sep 25 2012
“A Hymn to the Barn” Charlotte’s Web Turns 60! The animals of Zuckerman’s barn have something to celebrate. On October 15, the book which launched them into the world, E.B. White’s pastoral masterpiece Charlotte’s Web, turns sixty years old! First published in 1952 by HarperCollins, the book has been re-released in a commemorative edition with [continue reading]



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