Congressman Jim McGovern Supporting Local Farmers

Aug 31 2016
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WWLP, August 31, 2016

Running a farm is a struggle, only made worse by the drought.

Some farms have lost crops during this dry summer. Congressman Jim McGovern wrapped up his farm tour Wednesday, getting an up-close look at conditions on these farms.

The two day farm tour included a trip to the Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland. This farm, like many other farms in Western Massachusetts, has been impacted by the region’s drought.

“It’s an extra task to add to the farm list everyday, not only to worry about growing and harvesting, but also bring the water to the crops,” said Caroline Pam of Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland.

We weren’t as prepared for this kind of a drought. The Kitchen Garden Farm has already received a federal loan. It funded a new, larger barn with solar panels on the roof. They also bought property in Whately. McGovern told 22News he hopes to secure more federal aid for these farms.

“Farms and agriculture are an important part of the Massachusetts economy and this has been a tough year for a lot farmers,” said Congressman Jim McGovern. “I want the administration to be thinking that maybe we should get additional funds in here to help farmers in this region.”

McGovern also visited farms in Greenfield, Deerfield, and Hadley. His tour ended Wednesday at the Winter Moon Farm in Hadley.

Pam said her farm produced fewer carrots and beets, but they’re looking forward to their fall crops. Those include spinach, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, and hot peppers.



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