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Valley Bounty: Local Mushrooms

Jan 2 2015
Local mushrooms can be found at winter farmers’ markets and several grocers. This mushroom bake is a popular appetizer for my family gatherings: Use any mild mushroom, preferably oysters (about 2 pints), and a small oven-safe dish. Roughly chop mushrooms and drizzle with olive oil spiked with hot pepper oil. Add salt and pepper, stir, [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Roast Beef

Dec 20 2014
In my family, the Christmas table celebrates local food just as much as Thanksgiving—every Christmas Eve, the main entrée is a select roast from one of my family’s small herd of cows. For those of you with similar “roast beast” traditions like the Whos in Whoville, order your cut of meat for the holiday table [continue reading]

Grow Food Northampton names Clem Clay of Amherst new executive director

Nov 21 2014
The Daily Hampshire Gazette. November 21, 2014. By Gena Mangiaratti.
NORTHAMPTON — Four years after its founding, Grow Food Northampton has named a new executive director, Clem Clay, who grew up on a farm in Vermont, managed farmers markets in California and spent a decade in land preservation work.
Clay, 44, [continue reading]

Massachusetts maple syrup wins international awards State sugarmakers take honors in competition

Nov 13 2014
Two Massachusetts maple syrup producers took honors at an annual international maple products contest, held this year in Wolfville, Nova Scotia at the annual meetings of the North American Maple Syrup Council and International Maple Syrup Institute. Sugarmakers from the United States and Canada entered their maple syrup, candy and cream to have them judged [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Local Turkey

Nov 11 2014
Fresh and frozen local turkeys are widely available in the Valley, but you need to place your order now to reserve a bird for your Thanksgiving table! There are countless ways to cook a turkey, and if you don’t want to go through the hassle of brining, at least give the bird a good rub [continue reading]

Amherst bylaw dating back to 1966 jeopardizes farm intern program

Oct 25 2014
The Daily Hampshire Gazette. October 22, 2014. By Scott Merzbach.
AMHERST — Driving stakes into the ground and stringing up tomato plants on them was hard work for Samantha “Sam” Bavelock.
Despite the many hours of planting, weeding and harvesting she put in as an intern with the Many Hands Farm [continue reading]

Local beekeeper’s Russian accent

Oct 23 2014
The Recorder. October 12, 2014. By Tom Relihan.
It was the early 1990s and America’s honey bees were under attack.
Dan Conlon, owner of Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield, watched as hive after hive of his fellow beekeeper’s stock succumbed to the Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite against which European bees [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Green Beans

Oct 18 2014
green beans2 Hard frost has not yet arrived in most of the Valley, and as a result green beans are still coming in strong. They bring a vibrant green color to fall menus and are wonderful additions to fall soups and stews. Blanche beans for a simple (and delicious!) side dish, or for freezing [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Cauliflower

Oct 11 2014
Cauliflower All hail the cotton-headed brassica! Cauliflower, cousin to broccoli, is having a fabulous year here in the Valley. The cooler summer allowed heads size up as big as your own, and farmers are growing more than your standard snow-colored ones. Orange, purple, and green varieties are available and have delicious complexities for [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

Oct 4 2014
Winter squash and pumpkins are famous for their flesh—roasted, baked or used in soups and pies—but their seeds often go straight to the compost pile. This is a tragedy! Save the seeds! They are a great source of fiber, protein, and heart healthy fats, and are delicious roasted with a little oil or butter, salt, [continue reading]

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