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Valley Bounty, January 25th, 2014: Winter’s Bounty

Jan 25 2014
If you’re not yet a winter farmers’ market regular, the next three Saturdays are a great time to get on the bandwagon! Winter Fare, a celebration of the bounty of winter in the Pioneer Valley, comes to markets in Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield and Springfield over the next two weeks. Find an amazing array of locally [continue reading]

Op-Ed: Margaret Christie & Philip Korman: Farmers markets offer so much more than just food

Jan 23 2014
Daily Hampshire Gazette, January 22, 2014. By Margaret Christie & Philip Korman To the editor: A letter-writer suggests that Northampton should not provide financial support to farmers markets, arguing that if farmers and markets are not covering their own costs and making a profit, they should stop growing and providing food.
We respectfully disagree. [continue reading]

Nuestras Raices: 2014 Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Jan 17 2014
Nuestras Raíces is a grassroots non-profit organization that promotes human, economic, and community development in urban communities across Western Massachusetts. Founded in 1992 by a small group of community residents who wanted to improve Holyoke’s neighborhoods through the creation of community gardens, Nuestras Raíces has grown over the years to include a wide [continue reading]

Town agricultural groups put their heads together

Jan 13 2014
The Daily Hampshire Gazette, January 13, 2014. By Gena Mangiaratti 
N orthampton — When farmers from across the Valley get together in one room, they find the challenges they face are not that dissimilar.
That’s why Phil Korman, executive director of Community Involved In Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) said he asked [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, January 11th, 2014: Lamb

Jan 11 2014
Winter days call for warming food, and lamb fits the bill. Stews and roasts and spicy kebabs warm the kitchen and the belly both. On our Lamb Page, you’ll find recipes for deep dish lamb and squash pie with a potato crust, spicy lamb kebabs with pickled onions, and a traditional Irish stew from a [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, January 4, 2014: Winter Squash

Jan 4 2014
Serving winter squash more often is an easy way to increase the local portion of your winter diet. Go simple:  roast, mash, and eat, adding a little cheese or butter if you like. Add squash to enchiladas or lasagna, or slice it thin, roast with onions, and use it to top a pizza. Don’t forget [continue reading]

Red Fire Farm, Hiring Management Positions for 2014

Jan 2 2014
Red Fire Farm, a leader in organic farming with more than 100 acres in cultivation in the Pioneer Valley, of Massachusetts, is seeking to hire several management and leadership positions for the 2014 season.
Applicants should be passionate about local agriculture, interested in learning about organic vegetable farming, and ready with a strong work [continue reading]

Seeking Internships for winter 2013/2014

Jan 2 2014
CISA, a non-profit group, is one of the leading “buy local” organizations in the nation and links farms and communities to strengthen agriculture and enhance the economy, rural character and environmental quality of western Massachusetts. CISA seeks candidates for the internships listed below.
Qualifications: Skilled in conducting research, interest in local agriculture and food, [continue reading]

Valley Bounty, December 14, 2013: Onions

Dec 14 2013
Onions are so common that they can go almost unnoticed, but many meals would be sorrier without them.  In the winter, it’s especially worth slow cooking them for deep, caramelized sweet-and-savory flavor that’s good on pizza, burgers, salads, eggs, and almost anything else. If you’d like to put that flavor in a jar and give [continue reading]

Local Hero Profile: The Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm

Dec 5 2013
By Jenny Miller Sechler 
Family traditions are an important part of every holiday, and for those who celebrate Christmas, what tradition could be more essential than picking out and decorating the Christmas tree? For Emmet Van Driesche, who owns and operates The Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm in Ashfield, along with his [continue reading]

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