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Valley Bounty: Watermelon

Aug 20 2016
Though the dry weather may be making headaches for farmers in the Valley and throughout the state, it might actually have certain benefits for some crops like watermelon; assuming our hard-working farmers provide them with enough irrigation to grow, dry conditions help prevent disease and can concentrate flavor in the fruit (since more of the [continue reading]

Go Fresh Springfield Launches New Mobile Farmers Market

Aug 10 2016
WWLP, August 5, 2016, by Kristen Linnartz.  Go Fresh Springfield’s new Mobile Farmers Market vehicle was launched Friday morning with help from Mayor Domenic Sarno. The Go Fresh Project enters into its sixth season of bringing fresh, local produce to low income neighborhoods throughout Springfield. [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Corn

Aug 6 2016
Corn on the cob has a sort of Norman Rockwell quality about it. It’s one of relatively few foods that can capture some of the feelings about summer in New England that I remember having as a kid. There’s something about the little ritual of shucking ears before dinner, the cut-grass smell of fresh corn [continue reading]

Financial Help Available for Peach Farmers Hit by February Cold Snap

Jul 26 2016
peaches MassLive, July 26, 2016, by Mary Serreze.
Quick turnaround zero-interest loans are now available for peach growers in Western Massachusetts who lost their crops due to the February cold snap.
CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) announced today it has reopened its revolving  Emergency Farm Fund to aid farms whose [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: June 14, 2014: Garlic Scapes

Jun 14 2016
Photo Credit: Smithsonian.comPhoto Credit:
Garlic scapes, the edible flower stem of garlic, are the playful, curly green shoot you’ll see at farmers’ markets, farm stands, or in your CSA share this time of year. The scape is pulled from the garlic stalk, allowing the bulb to properly size up. Easily substituted for garlic cloves, scapes [continue reading]

Many a Fungus Grow Among us at Hadley Mushroom Farm Fungi Ally

Jun 8 2016
Source: fungially.comSource:
MassLive, June 8, 2016, by Cori Urban.
Twenty-five year old William R. “Willie” Crosby grew up in a family of golfers in Boxboro, so it made sense that he went to school to study turf management at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture .
He earned a [continue reading]

Vendors Needed for new Springfield Central Downtown Farmers’ Market

Jun 7 2016
Farmers MarketThis new market is located at Tower Square Park,1477 Main Street and runs June 3 rd -October 28 th from 11:30am-5:30pm. The market is offering vendors no market fees this season so let them know if you’d like to participate. They are currently looking for produce vendors, baked goods, local meat and fish, value-added products, cheese, [continue reading]

2016 ‘Locally Grown Farm Products Guide’ Released

Jun 6 2016
Source: Jessie TriceSource: Jessie Trice
Western Mass News, June 6, 2016.
There are some certain signs in New England that mean the beginning of spring and summer and one of those is the “Locally Grown Farm Products Guide” from CISA. Karen Randall from Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse in Ludlow joined Western Mass News [continue reading]

Valley Bounty: Dill

Jun 4 2016
DillI learned recently that there is an expression in the Balkans that says someone “is the dill in many soups,” the way we might say in English that they “have a finger in many pies.”  Dill, as this idiomatic portrayal implies, has a long history as a steadfast ingredient in eastern European dishes (especially soups [continue reading]

Maple Valley Creamery Ice Cream Opens Stand on Route 9 in Hadley

May 31 2016
Maple Valley Ice Cream MassLive, May 27th, 2016, by Diane Lederman.  Maple Valley Creamery has opened an ice cream stand called Hadley Scoop in a stand-alone hut on Route 9 that will serve hard-packed ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes and sodas seven days a week. [continue reading]

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